Spell to Stop a Storm

Moon Phase: any
Prep: ground and center (emergency use only!)
Tools: sword or wand, silver or dark blue glitter
Corresponding Color: silver or deep blue
Corresponding Herb (s): broom or frankincense
Corresponding Elements: water and air
Corresponding Crystal: hematite
Reason: when a major storm is approaching

Take some frankincense and a hematite stone, place them on a pentacle you've drawn on the ground (with your sword or wand). Place the tool of your choice in the middle of the pentacle and while holding the stone in your hand say:

Morrigan goddess of the storm
I ask for your help in every form,
turn it back into the sea,
absorb it into the rock into the tree,
send this storm far from me.
And if my Goddess does agree
than manifest please make it be!

Than take the silver or deep blue glitter and sprinkle it around the perimeter of the pentacle and let some fall off of your hand into the wind. Leave the stone as an offering to the elements and the Goddess.

Note Bene: If the storm does not come to your back yard it will go to someone else's, try not to deplete your land of anything it needs just for the sake of seeing if you can do it.