material to make a small pillow
4 oz dried lavender flowers
4 oz dried sage
2 oz ground orris root-as a preservative-optional
4 oz deer's tongue herb
2 oz cedar shavings
4 oz coltsfoot herb
4 oz sweet fern
2 oz violet

Stitch a small pillow of muslin of another light weight fabric. Create a pillow that is able to be opened by putting Velcro at one end. This allows you to "refresh" the pillow from time to time with new herbs without having to unstitch the end or make a new pillow. You may wish to cover muslin pillow with a light weight, washable "casing" as well. Once you stitch the pillow together, fill with the herbs listed above.

Keep this dream pillow under or inside of your regular bed pillow. When storing your pillow each morning you may either leave it where it is or put it inside of a plastic bag by your bed. Storing it in the bag will help the herbs retain their freshness for a longer period of time.